The Fall of Neverdark

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Impressive work by Philip C. Quaintrell combining gods, dragons, elves and everything in the myths for the saga. The dragons helped mankind in establishing peace on the land and finally the war against the cruel and powerful elves was won by the human and their peacekeepers i.e the dragons. Peace time lasts only for a moment or two because another war is in the making, a war which could make things get out of the hands of the dragons even. It would be chaos everywhere if things once buried deep within the surface of the earth be allowed to rise once again.

The things are so dark that it will eat everything up in no time. Gideon and Inara are the only two who know about the seriousness of the monster issue, the legends are true after all even if they are a thousand years old. Things that strike all of a sudden in the story are more relics, the previous ones were powerful but these relics are considered not that important at all. The hint is there for those who have read Empire of Dirt and Relic of the Gods, the story will finally be concluded with the help of the relics. Even the dwarfs are in pursuit of these which make it quite obvious that it will set the course of war.

Then there is another issue for Inara, her trouble maker brother Alijah who is being hunted by the elves no because of some purpose of their own. Inara has to decide between the land and her twin brother. Alijah is also emerging and appears to be taking things in his own hands; there is surely a hero in the making. Steven brand is rhythmic and wonderful in the narration of the trilogy.

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