The Fifth Season

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The Fifth Season is a great writing attempt by N. K. Jemisin as the author of this book. The book is based on contemporary science fiction. It is part 1 of The Broken Earth novel series by the author. The narration of this book is done masterfully by Robin Miles, who is a proficient narrator and one of the best in business.

A season of some long awaited endings has started. It initiates with some significant red right rift going right across the center of sole continent of the world. And emitting ash that literally blots out the sun.  It starts with the death due to a brutal killing of the son and then having a missing daughter as well.

It initiates with a story of betrayal and the long time wounds, which are now rising up to aggravate further.

This is all actually the stillness, a land which is long known and associated with the catastrophe, where the Earth power is considered as a source of strength or a weapon. This is a place where there is absolutely no mercy for anybody.

In short, all this mentioned above is the story of this book. It actually tells that this is the way in which the world would end. And that end would be for one last time.

Emergency Skin and the Obelisk Gate are a couple of other great novels by N. K. Jemisin. Both these recommended and then the subject book belongs to the science fiction category. This shows great command and expertise of the author, N. K. Jemisin to get some great fictional stories around scientific things for its listeners.







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