The Final Outbreak

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M.L Banner has given the best of the most thrilling apocalyptic novels ever. In this series of book 1-3 readers and story lovers can find all the colours of thrilling emotions and fear, horror and the mystery that takes the listener beyond this world.

From the characters, to the story events, the happenings and the turning points all things have been woven into a beautifully crafted story that is expanded in the three books. This audiobook includes all three sections so that the listeners may enjoy without having to wait for the other book to download or arrive on the desk.n

So with this one you will get an unstoppable, irresistible thriller series for you to enjoy in the voice of Garry Tiedemann who has given the best voice, expression of emotions and the characters the voice that truly determine what they are and how they are going to react under certain impacts and circumstances that surround them.

The final break is about the animals which are now moving to humans and the violents infectious outbreak is going to affect all at once.

The society is seemingly ending due to the outbreak and cities have now become barren without human there. But the hope is there as some have survived the outbreak and someone may hope there will still be life and living human on the earth.

But no surety is there if they will live or not or how they are going to survive on the infected land. Just as in the  books by the author and the series the Madness Chronicles, Stone Age: Stone Age, Book 1 and Madness you can see how the author has given the most effective scenario that clearly describes the outbreak that is gradually engulfing humans.

You will never believe if you are reading or listening to a story and it turns out to be a true depiction of how an outbreak could parish everything and beyond.




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