The Fire Queen

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The Fire Queen is the 2nd chapter in The Hundredth Queen novel series. After the success of the first novel, there were high hopes for the audience and they were not disappointed for sure. The author, Emily R. King knows the trick in bringing this romance and friendship related novel to match with the expectations and mindset of the audience. A few other notable books from Emily R. King that deserves a mention are Before the Broken Star and Everafter Song.

The tyrant Rajah Tarek that Kalinda is forced to marry is dead, but her troubles still are far from being over. A warlord this time has invaded her city and Kalinda is in exile. But she is not alone here. She has got the support of Captain Deven, who is her protector and beloved as well. He is being imprisoned for treason and at the same time has also been stripped off his command. Having the empire at the brink of war, the best hope for them is to trace Prince Ashwin, who is the son of Rajah. He is also the one who promised the freedom of Deven on one condition, which is that Kalinda should fight and defeat 3 of her most formidable opponents.

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But just as the tournament strengths of Kalinda are challenged once again, this also put her relationship with Captain Deven at stake. On the other end, Deven actually fears for her powers and Ashwin on contrary reveres them.

On the narration part, it was a team effort between Lauren Ezzo and Scott Merriman. They both managed to make this audiobook sound nice and enjoyable for the audience. Member Benefit

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