The First Commandment

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Though several times Scot has defeated the enemy and stopped its attack but still the danger is not over. The network is so strong that eradicating it right from the roots is almost impossible even for the CIA and its agents.

They have tried everything and traced everyone they thought was linked to it but still there are people even in the country working for them. The president is under attack once again but not in the same way that was there in The Lions of Lucerne this time he is being blackmailed by people who know much too more about his personal life. The demand is a tough one; they want five of their men released which means that letting go your enemies from your own dungeons.

Later another issue comes on the scene when people related to Scot’s agency are being targeted one after the other. It is clear that someone knows the true identity of the undercover agents and he will not rest until he wipes out all of them from the face of the earth. Once again Scot has to neglect the direct orders of the president who asks him to keep away from the case.

Brad Thor and George Guidall pair up well once again as the present another customized item for the public. The book has a psychological touch too because Scot starts revealing secrets about the CIA and the government like never before and he is in a doubt that whether he was serving the right people all his life or not. Torn by doubt he still continues the unending investigation that might lead him to hell.

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    The Last Patriot


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