The Fix

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Another family man attached to a murder case emerges on the scene for the memory man and this time the killer shots himself as well thus leaving no clue for the police. Walter Dabney a father of four daughters provides his family the love and care that one can dream of. Then all of a sudden things become messy as Walter shoots an ordinary school teacher in front of the FBI Headquarters.

The question again is why he did it in front of the FBI headquarters he could have planned better or perhaps this was part of his plan making all the department witness. Amos Decker of course one of the witnesses gets confused as Walter shoots himself as well after the murder. Amos is not an ordinary investigator he is the one who can see the whole thing in his mind again and again as he is the one who never forgets.

Thus he starts analyzing different links and situations that could have forced this family man to commit such a hideous crime. Such drama and twist is observed in The Last Mile and Redemption and almost in all novels by David Baldacci.

It’s one way of getting the attention of the listener. This novel however also establishes a link with the past as well as it reveals a plot that was deadlier than the expectation of Decker and his team.

Thus the subjective case at once becomes objective and a major threat to the whole locality.  Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy the two master narrators are really going well with the series as they now know the characters in more detail and the listeners too have become familiar to their voices.

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