The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm

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Alagaƫsia famous for dragons and other supernatural creatures is left by Eragon in the beginning of the novel. Eragon wanted something new in life and also a new place for the dragons to lay their eggs.

Finding a place was not a problem but keeping it proved to be a big issue because he had to build a new lair for the dragons where they could lay their eggs. The food issue was the biggest problem which was dealt after facing many hardships. Life with dragons of course is never easy one problem ends and the next comes to the scene. When the eggs were laid their protection became a huge issue for Eragon.

Elves and other creatures of the land always try to steal the dragon eggs for their own purposes. Christopher Paolini after these details adds other fictional creatures such as a witch that tells Eragon about the upcoming future and Urgal legend. It was just what Eragon needed and thus the story moves on in an exciting manner after that.

Not a lot of vulgar fights but the story has ample action to entertain fans of all ages. Gerard Doyle brings graveness in the voice when narrating the dragons; the rest is done in simple speech. Eragon and Eldest also work on the same pattern but the stories are different in all the parts, one thing is common i.e the dragons and the dragon slayers.

It is sure fun to listen something about the dragons and this series has it in plenty. Not to forget the role of other fairy tale creatures that makes the novel more colorful and scenes more appealing.




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