The Forsaken

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Ace Atkins’ strongest character ever i.e Quinn Colson thinks that he is now well settled in Jericho and has the power to dictate terms. People respect him and the bad one fear him after The Lost Ones and The Ranger but this is just an assumption. In a corrupt town the real power lies in the hands of corrupt and they can quickly defame you in just a single swish of their magic wand.

An ordinary day comes the case of an ordinary man in front of Quinn, it all happened three decades ago when the man was accused of rape and murder. The charges were thrashed on the poor man and he failed to defend himself in front of the police. But now the man is free because the charges never proved their worth against his innocence. For Quinn it is not the sort of case that should be left alone, he wants to reach to the web that trapped the black guy in the first place.

This injustice needs a better conclusion according to the sheriff but as he proceeds in the investigation big powers start to create hurdles in his way. Then the history repeats itself and the same kinds of charges are put against Quinn when he was not expecting it. Along with his honor Quinn has to save his life too this time if he wants to give the case a just ending. Brain d’Arcy James looks well composed in this second part that he narrates for the series, in previous book he was little bit hesitant but it was not apparent in the overall work.

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