The Fort

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Developments are being made in the English army but still the army is weak in many standards as compared to the enemy. The zeal to conquer all is still there and it is this zeal and enthusiasm to rise sky high that does not allow any of their leaders to rest.

We come to 1779 this time and the army is establishing a naval base at an important sea port known as the Penobscot Bay in order to keep an eye on the movement of the enemy in the sea. Now in this part we start hearing about the Americans as well which means that soon we would be witnessing new armies from Canada and other states of America taking part in the battle.

The battle in the sea is far different from the one that we saw in parts like The Flame Bearer and Warriors of the Storm, machines and ships have taken over the old traditional warfare. The war continues on various ports at the same time we see more than thousand soldiers going to Massachusetts and some going to long island for a fight.

The novel introduces two new rivals in the form of John Moore and Pail Revere, both are teenagers and this is clear that Bernard Cornwell wants to take the series further in the future and we will see battles entering a new dimension.

Robin Bowerman’s narration slip a little at some stages because the war scenes needed more energy in it, the simple version though is nice to hear. The war scenes should have been narrated in a slow manner so that the listener can enjoy the passion attached to it.




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