The Friend Audiobook

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Teresa Driscoll has created a thriller that could excite your soul even. With just a few characters in the story, the writer has surely succeeded in doing a great job. The story not only puts an on the question mark on true friendship or should friends be trusted but also there is a question on the character of the people whom we think we know for a long time. The story starts with a simple train journey of a husband and wife who have left a four-year child home in the hands of Emma there most trustworthy friend. The story becomes a thriller when Sophie the mother receives the call that her son Ben along with another child had met an accident and is wounded badly. Both husband and wife cannot return at once that raise the tension in the play as what would happen in their absence and would they be able to get to the root cause of the whole situation which they apparently thought that it was Emma. The story unfolds slowly as they on their way back home come to know a few things about Emma which they should have investigated earlier. The story is formed like a puzzle which we as readers have to join together, there are different details about different incidents and different characters that are explained in different sections so we have to listen or read the story in a very careful manner in order to relate and join them in an exact manner. Thus the story keeps us awake all the time and Henrietta Meire’s narration never for a moment lets our brain deviate from the course of the story.

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