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The Frog Audiobook

Andrew Lang is one of the famous and very well-known poets and novelists from Scotland who always has emphasized the stories that belong to the fairytales genre. There are fairytales, adventure filled with magic, princesses, and the fantasies that kids could have in their mind. Such stories are no doubt popular across cultures and villages, towns and cities, and around the world as well.

This is because when you’re feeling involved in the fantasy the real fun begins and that is what the kids experience when they listen to these stories.
This story is also all about unseen forces and is backed by the story of the princess because it takes few notes of the story from the original frog princess story though the idea is similar the story is new and has been loved by many of the kids.
In this story, a mother gives tasks to her sons to set up the tasks for their bride-to-be so that they know if the girls are able to become their wives or are not fit as a couple. The story develops perfectly when the tasks are being set up.

Andrew Lang has beautifully captured the fantasy and has written them into a wonderful story plot that is being narrated by Cathy Donson. The narrator has given the best of voice to express all the feelings. Kids may enjoy listening to it and may help them fantasize about a symbolic world so that they are well aware of the characters and all things like that.
Other books in the same line are The Arabian Nights (AmazonClassics Edition), The Blue Fairy Book, and The Arabian Nights. These are also folk-inspired and with a little tint of magic in them for kids who live their imagination in this world.

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