The Ghost King

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The Ghost King novel is another fabulous attempt by the writer, R. A. Salvatore. He is amazingly entertaining and grasping once again with his lines, the overall plot of his story and the characterization being done. Mark Bramhall once again is the chosen narrator of this novel and yet again, he has proved his worth with immensely powerful lines narrated, which actually played a great role in the success of this novel.

Although at time, he puzzled his audience a bit with some specific pronunciation matters, but overall it was good. It might be because of the fact that people start comparing him with the legendary narrator, Victor Bevine and such a comparison isn’t justifiable for both.

The novel with its first edition also stands as the best-selling one in the New York Times. The conclusion of The Ghost King novel is highly gripping and something absolutely not to be missed.

Drizzt along with all his companions are clueless and in complete chaos, especially when the Spellplague damages Faerun. Drizzt, the lead man of the recently clinched Cleric Quintet series finds himself up against the warped Crenshinibon, the most resourceful and indefinable foe of the time. The demonic crystal shard he firmly believed have been demolished many years ago.

Gauntlgrym and Boundless: A Drizzt Novel are complete different literary pieces from R. A. Salvatore, but have one connecting point and that point is the strong and larger than life character of Drizzt Do’Urden. It is fabulous, it is strong and it is highly appealing to the audience in every chapter of the series. You must check out these books to know more about the literary skills and versatility of R. A. Salvatore as a writer.





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