The Gingerbread Girl Audiobook

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The Gingerbread Girl

Blood and smoke is a collection of three horrific, suspense and science fiction stories written and narrated by Stephen King who has mastered the ability to write Science fiction horror to excite, terrorize and capture the souls of the readers and the listeners. This is solely an audiobook which is not available in hardcover so you can feel the essence of all three stories in this marvelous collection of stories named as Lunch at the Gotham Café, 1408 and In the Deathroom.

All of these three stories the main character is struggling with his addictive habits, love and all the happening that he cannot survive and has no other way to fight the horrific events happening around him.

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In these stories, the feelings of isolation, detachment, paranoia, and addiction of various needful things have been depicted carefully and in a very descriptive manner to let you feel the difference. In the story Lunch at the Gotham Café Steve is shown suffering from the extreme desperation regarding his ex-wife and his nicotine addiction. The two pressure seem lesser when he confronts the evil horror in the restaurant. While in 1408 Mike who is the best-selling author of true ghost stories has to spend a night in the NYC and get into the horrible events around. In the death room, the character Fletcher struggles with the captors who have to torture him to get all the information from him.

All these stories revolve around the character who has to get rid of his fears, bad habits and life-threatening events that have compromised his life or has handicapped the life which has to end up leading him to death.

All these stories follow the true horror of stories written by Stephen King as you might see in his writings End of Watch: A Novel,   The Bazaar of Bad Dreams and the long walk.

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