The Girl Before

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The Girl Before is the best-selling novel in New York Times of author JP Delaney. It is a literature genre fiction with a tremendously interesting tale. The author JP Delaney has got some really exciting other novels to offer his fans as well where Believe Me and Playing Nice makes the easiest choice in terms of quality of writing.

In this novel, there is a team of narrators for the audiobook and it includes Emilia Fox, Lise Aagaard Knudsen and Finty Williams. This is really a gifted team of narrators and they kept audience spellbound through the length of the book.

The story in this novel starts with Emma who is reeling from an immensely disturbing break-in. She is looking for a new place to live. But she had affordability issues with the apartments that she was considering. Those even had some safety and security issues. Finally she fund a house which was a beautiful masterpiece. That place was actually intended to completely transform the occupant it has and it does.

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Then there is another girl Jane who is looking for a fresh start after a personal tragedy. She is instantly drawn to the place when she got to find out about One Folgate Street. After moving in, she discovered about sudden death of the previous tenant of this home. She is a woman quite similar to the appearance and age of Jane. As she tries to find the truth, she unwittingly started following everything same as the girl before.

The Girl Before is a fast paced novel. The author explores some ethics question throughout the book in the standalone pages. It is a promising novel that guarantees to astonish audience in every possible way of literary entertainment. Member Benefit

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