The Girl Who Played with Fire

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A typical girl of the modern era is described in the tale that lets lust dominate everything in her life. She is all in for money and sex and wants the female domination as well whenever she establishes a relationship and these relationships are also never of a permanent nature as she moves from one man to the other and from one task to the other continuously trying to fulfill her lust which is of ever-increasing nature.

Stieg Larsson has successfully presented his idea of women who go so far in corruption that they fail to return in the original world even when they want to, their desires lead them to a road which leads to the nowhere land. Lisbeth Salander the main character of the novel not only plays with fire when she hacks computers to earn money but in her personal life too she changes relation all the time. The novel is full of crime scenes that we observe every now and then in our life. There are murders, hacked computers, and abandoned bars.

The story surely has a dramatic twist when the hacker girl is trapped in three murder cases which she has not committed as she is not that vulgar and ruthless in nature. For the first time, Lisbeth feels that she has no true relation in her life that she could trust or go to as she has been changing her relation to sexual desires and physical orgies.

The story also has an ideal character in the form of Mikael Blomqvist who is truly in love with Lisbeth and tries to save her even when she does not want any further relationship with him. The story is wonderfully knit and beautifully told, also the incidents are not fictional they are related to the present world and the character is life like. Other interesting stories to listen to could be The Regular Guy: A Nathan McNamara Story (The Soul Summoner Book 6) – EliciaHyder and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson.




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