The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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Stieg Larsson’s writing surely makes us meet female characters that are usually one of kind. The female character is always corrupt but still when we see them suffer unjustly the feeling of pity is bound to arise in our hearts and mind. The girl with the dragon tattoo is also a crime tale related to a girl who is bound to physical pleasures and the rest of the things that corrupt your soul in no time.


Presenting such women in the stories is a habit with Larsson. Again no parental connection or other relations are present in the novel. The entire world’s corruption is described in minimal words and also the connection of our past that always leaves an impact on our future life is described in detail. The story is a bit longer than usual as it is more than five hundred pages but everything is complete and well connected that we cannot leave any of its details that are most of the time grim in nature.

Once you start a story you are bound to complete it as soon as possible because it intrigues the reader to know about the hidden truth that is deep-rooted in the past. The girl with the dragon tattoo also possesses a symbolic aspect as well as she represents the girls of the present era that have no intentions toward a permanent relationship or toward a permanent settlement of life. Her dragon tattoo is perhaps her main identity in the society and the real one is hidden that is more personal one.

The approach of the writer is realistic but there is also dramatic aspect as well when the crime scene appears out of nowhere disturbing the life of everyone around.  The Bride Collector – Ted Dekker  and   Death Match – Lincoln Child are also among the best read books recommended by most of the readers for some more thrilling events to nourish your mind.


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