The Giver of Stars

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The Giver of Stars is a book written by Jojo Moyes. It is a historical fiction, where you will enjoy the story with all the powerful characters, which the writer has created. Julia Whelan has done the narration of this fictional novel, which is superbly handled and makes the audio book a great listening experience.

The story is about Alice Wright who goes on to marry a very charming and young American guy named, Bennet Van Cleve. She married with the hope to escape from her struggling life in England. But she proved herself to be claustrophobic as well, mainly because of living with her domineering father-in-law.

Alice signs on with great enthusiasm, when there was a call for a women’s team in order to deliver some books for the new traveling library of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Margery is a leader and also the soon-to-be greatest ally of Alice. They became partners with 3 other women who went on to be known as the Packhorse Librarians.

What happens with the ladies and to the men they love actually becomes a classical drama of justice, loyalty, passion and humanity. These daring women from Kentucky said a big no to be intimidated by men. Although, they came across all kinds of dangers, which sometimes are extremely beautiful while brutal at the other times, but they stood well committed to their job of bringing back books to those, who never had any.

After You is a fictional romantic novel, where you will see the author Jojo Moyes in a completely different way. It is highly engaging for its content and the characters will mesmerize you for sure. Me Before You is another contemporary fiction novel by the author, which is popular and its excellent storyline makes it a must read.



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