The Glass Hotel

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The Glass Hotel is a psychological mystery thriller. Emily St. John Mandel is an author with a sharp brain and using that, she creates some really mind-blowing stories that are good enough to raise the mood of any sort of audience. Dylan Moore is equally as good and the audiobook with her performance became quite an impressive one, which is definitely worth your time. Station Eleven is another book by the author, which is probably her best-selling and most read novel so far.

The story is about Vincent, who works as a bartender in a 5-star hotel. On the night she meets Jonathan, he put up a message over the glass wall of the lobby. The message says: ‘Why don’t you swallow broken glass?” A very big crime was committed the same night in Manhattan. Jonathan was running a very serious scheme in his mind with an international scale.

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He was planning to move the imaginary money through the different accounts of people. Once the whole financial empires totally collapsed down then it resulted in many fortunes loss and devastated a number of lives as well. Vincent has been posing as the wife of Jonathan during all this time and managed to walk away into the night. Many years later, one victim of this fraud gets hired for the sake of investigating some weird occurrence. It was about a woman who disappeared from the deck of a ship.

This is an emotional novel about a brother and sister just as they both navigate their way through loneliness, heartache, drugs and corruption etc. This enthralling and ingenious story probes the tenuous, but unbreakable bonds between humans and also the long-lasting effects of brief carelessness. Member Benefit

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