The Gorgon Bride

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A fantasy about gods and goddesses is what Galen Surlak- Ramsey presents before us. He depicts the negative side of the gods more perhaps by showing their weaknesses to the human race. The story starts when Alexander Weiss somehow insults Athena the goddess of wisdom and she out of revenge and hate throws him in the forgotten isle where there is nothing but statues and Alexander is left with no choice to live among dead faces for the rest of his life with whom he cannot talk all he can do is to stare at their dead faces all the time and past the rest of the days of his life is frustration and isolation.

He finds another goddess on the island named Euryale the elder sister of Medusa that makes the whole story a bit complicated and a touch dangerous for the mortal human. Another thing that happens unexpectedly is that the goddess Euryale starts liking the mortal as she too meets a living soul for the first time in her life and thus the liking is a natural thing, it could be because of living among the world of statues for so long.

The story is a love hate relationship between a human and the goddesses who have their own personal issues with each other as well. There is war, love and fantasy in plenty throughout our journey on the forgotten isle. The narration by Natasha Soudek is ample to tackle the world of gods. The grandeur in the tone of the goddesses is well uttered and also the humbleness of the sole human is well described through the narration.  


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