The Great Gatsby

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Depiction of the fabulous Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is stupendous, the author tells all about the fancy parties and the awesome dressing in them.  The initial life of the enigma known as Gatsby was not lavish at all. Luxuries of life were not presented to him by his bad fate but he thought that he was lucky to have Daisy with him.

Then he lost her too after which he had no choice but to try to get the position one can dream of. After Daisy’s departure, everything just started to shine for Gatsby and he emerged as the new leading figure in every walk of life. Now after becoming a wealthy man he still misses the company of the girl he once loved and has her picture in his heart even now.

Daisy on the other hand is a married woman now but Gatsby somehow wants to reach her. For this sole purpose, he comes closer to Nick as he has some family relations with Daisy. Gatsby lets Nick into his parties so that the two can form a friendship bond between them. A book about Gatsby is real class, Tender Is the Night and This Side of Paradise was just stories if analyzed to this book.

Jake Gyllenhaal also does not let the story slip out of his hands while narrating it. The book tells us the story of a man who from the outside has achieved everything but from the inside, he is just a poor old beggar who is begging for human relations. Somehow he wants to achieve the thing he once lost because of his careless behavior.

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