The Great King

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Though Arimnestos lost many things in life and his personal life has always been a mess but it does not mean that he hasn’t achieved anything. He is on toward glory that will make him set landmarks in history and no doubt would be a legend in the history of Greece and Persia. He has served dictators and kings in Killer of Men and Marathon, all of them wanted to have him in their disposal but he is not the type that could be encaged for a longtime.

And then no one wants a beast close to their throne ready to pounce even on his own master in order to quench the thirst of blood that keeps on growing. Christian Cameron has turned an innocent man into a monster but still the humanity is there somewhere hidden in the sub consciousness troubling his mind every now and then.

He has been many things in life but the only thing people remember about him is the winning streak that continues even now because there is no one who could match his talent in a fight. Another war with Persia waits this time as Peter Noble starts using a whispering tone so that we can get an understanding about the grave upcoming situation.

This could prove a suicidal mission for many but not for the man who has tried to commit suicide many times but after each attempt he gets new chances to rise in the human world where he is praised as a god. The legend of the killer of men grows in this fourth book and still we think that the hero is not satisfied at all with his position in life.




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