The Guilty

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David Baldacci’s “Will Robie” comes to his home town this time not for an assassination but in order to save his father. Robie ran away from his home town when he was at high school and never came back or looked back. His father also stubborn like him never tried to make any contact with his only son after his misdeed. Now Dan Robie is trapped in a murder case and though he was once the local attorney no one believes that he is innocent.

It’s a case that is assumed but the tragic thing is that Dan is not willing to say anything in his defense. Even when Will comes to his father and requests him to allow his team to interfere in the case Dan totally rejects the proposal. It’s a war between a father and son this time and Will finds it the toughest mission of his life as the target is not a clear one for him. In the government assigned cases he was always presented with a target but now he does not know whether his father is the culprit or not.

The home town suddenly appears to be a foreign land to him as people don’t know him anymore and he too starts seeing the different side of Cantrell. Jessica Reel is still with him as the couple became quite famous in The Hit.

Kyf Brewer narrates in the same high flying fashion thus adding more to the drama with the help of his voice. The narrator has given variation of tone to the voice of father and son so that we can judge their characters according to it.



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