The Halfling’s Gem

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The Halfling’s Gem is one of the finest literary art work by the author, R. A. Salvatore. The book is a science fiction fantasy and book 6 of the impressive Legend of Drizzt novel series by the author. The narration of this 11 hours long audio book is given by Victor Bevine in a very impressive tone.

Artemis Entreri, the assassin whisks Regis the Halfling, his abducted victim. He connected with him at the south of Calimport and into the vengeful hands of pasha Pook. If Pook has the power and resource to control Guenhwyvar, the magical panther, then Regis would be all set to die in the actual car and mouse chase game.

Drizzt Do’Urden, the dark elf is employing an enchanted mask now and keeping his heritage hidden, while racing with the barbarian Wulfgar. The intention behind all this move was to protect their light-fingered friend. An unexpected support arrived at the time when Entreri setup a new trap. But, would Regis be able to survive unharmed?

Companions started to flock in from the Icewind Dale to the famous Sword Coast for the rescue. Their prime focus was to help and rescue their companions and at the same time, save their lives too.

A. Salvatore has many successful novels to his credit and he deserves to be read or listen far more than the only novel under discussion here. As a recommendation, Streams of Silver and The Halfling’s Gem novels from the author are excellent to have a good read or an audio version experience of the same. Narration of these two recommended novels is brilliantly done once again by Victor Bevine.



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    Streams of Silver

    The Silent Blade


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