The Hand of Oberon

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Looking for a way out against the vision, Corwin reaches where he had spent many years of his life i.e Shadow Earth. Coming to the place he comes to know about the Jewel of Judgment that has already been snatched. The culprit is none other than Corwin’s own brother who has been planning these things behind his back since the day he took control of the throne.

Not jealousy but an evil greater than that has set in the heart of his brother. With the Jewel of Judgment the whole reality can be reshaped including the true heir to the throne. One possessing it can change the past, present and future according to his choice.

Things are clear the evil prince wants to take things in his control but he is not aware of the consequences if things go out of hands. Roger Zelazny puts Corwin under great threat; he was not in so much worried state even when he was exiled. Nine Princes in Amber and The Guns of Avalon showed him worried and struggling but here the prince is fighting for the whole universe that is going to face a total change.

Enemies are clear and Alessandro Juliani’s narration gets power boaster by him, Corwin cycle coming to an end. Next book will end the first half of the series that comprises of then books. So far it has been fights and a talk about survivals, not a lot of background is described and we don’t know the root cause of the matter much. Amber world has its charm for the people till now and no change is required in this regard.

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