The Handmaid’s Tale: Special Edition Audiobook

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Margaret Atwood and Valerie Martin have created a masterpiece together and no doubt has the same repute in the reader’s mind even thirty years after its publication. Claire Danes and Margaret Atwood have added a bit more to the story by their narrative skills which have given the book a new dimension, everything is understandable in a better way and it is easy for youngsters too who have never heard of the book before.

The constitution has been overthrown and Gilead has emerged as a new republic with its own views about woman role. Women are given different roles and tasks which they have to fulfill, at any rate, Offred is one such woman. Offred is assigned with a special task that takes her to the house of a commander whose wife is half dead physically and mentally she has forgotten everything about her past life as she has lost everything related to her past life. She has no children now and her house is like a graveyard.

Offred plays the role well but at the same time she tries for an escape which seems difficult but surely it is not impossible. She tries to know the secrets of her enemies or the one who is controlling her and having her bound to that one particular task from which she cannot retire. She risks her life like a soldier each time she tries to look into the secret things. Another positive thing about her is that she keeps on recording the whole thing so that she can create a whole record of everything which would be beneficial not for her but for others in the future.

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Alias Grace and Oryx and Crake are also written by the author introducing interesting characters and stories if you need more stories like this.


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