The Haunting of Ashburn House

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The Haunting of Ashburn House is a horror fiction and this is one such genre, which has a huge fan following. It becomes especially more interesting, when you get to hear it through its audio book. Eva Kaminsky has given the powerful narration of this novel. She has exactly the right tone, which is required to play a horror fiction novel and she completely justified her role as the narrator. The writer of this novel is Darcy Coates, who is a phenomenal writer with lots of versatility and uniqueness in the storyline and the production of her characters.

There is something significantly wrong with the Ashburn House. Is it haunted? Looks like the case.

The Ashburn House is an ancient building, which since long has been the prime subject of countless rumors. Edith, the owner of this building refused to allow visitors inside the house and she rarely use to visit the town nearby.

Adrienne has absolutely no belief in ghosts. But, still it is very hard to overlook the level of unease, which continuously grows just as she go on to explore the new house. There were a range of weird messages written all over the wallpaper and then there is also an old grave, which was hidden behind the house, in the forest area. Then, there was also those portraits of eerie upstairs, which apparently looked like keeping an eye over every moment in the house.

Haunted novels seems to be the specialty of writer, Darcy Coates. If you want to explore more quality novels in that domain, then you must checkout her novels, namely, The Haunting of Blackwood House and The House Next Door.





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