The Heart of Betrayal

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This is book two of the series and the interest is still increasing instead of going the other way round and everyone is now waiting for the epic conclusion. Mary E. Pearson has kept the interest alive up till know and that no doubt is the key towards writing a masterpiece that remains there in the hearts forever.

Lia left the four walls of her palace to take a tour towards knowing reality and the more about herself and the myth of sight. Luckily she found many things about her and the land but sadly it creates doubts in her mind as well about the people she was living with all her life.

She is found in Venda in this chapter where Rafe and Kaden are also present with her. Rafe lied to her in a big way but when she was captured he never left her and thus is with her in the time of need. Kaden on the other hand the assassin sent to kill her seems to be saving her from getting deeper into trouble. She fails to decide what could be done in this regard, she wanted to know something about her powers in Morrighan and The Kiss of Deception but now the facts that she has come to know are far more important to her.

Lia was told one thing all her life that Vendans are barbarians but even without a sense of sight now she can see that they are the one who have faced the brutality of her land. The young princess is with several choices but the right ones lead towards a fight, a fight that will surely test her not only physically but mentally too.

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