The Heist

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Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg have joined forces for this series and this has really excited the fans but then again the start of the series was quite a risk too.

There was a possibility that both of the authors might fail in the experiment but this did not happen at all. A fine show is what the series is from the two just like Twisted Twenty-Six and Fortune and Glory. Kate is the first agent that is introduced in the novel as she is one of the best in the FBI team. Not only she is committed but the girl is also aggressive in her approach towards the criminals.

Kate has hit the targets to perfection over the years but still she has failed to arrest the one she wants more than anyone i.e Nicholas Fox a criminal and a lady charmer at the same time. Nicholas knows that Kate is after him and he likes the girl too in his own masculine way.

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During her chase over the years Kate never expected that she would find Fox working along with her on the same mission. But this nightmare comes true when she gets Fox as her partner on a mission to Indonesia, the FBI agreed on Fox’s proposal because he had all the leads with which the corrupt banker could be arrested.

With grudges of their own in mind the two start the mission but from the look of it one thing is clear that one of them is not coming out alive from the mission. Scott Brick has been good with the male characters in narration but here Kate’s character is also narrated in the best possible way. Member Benefit

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