The Hidden Gallery: Book II Audiobook

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The Hidden Gallery: Book II Audiobook

In this Book 2 from the series Incorrigible Children, Maryrose Wood describes the nest journey of the incorrigible children who have spent a wolverine past making all things horribly difficult for Miss Penelope but she always manages to control to the kids and till now she has managed to get into the full control over the kid’s wolves like tendencies. They seem more civilized than ever and have now learned lots of behavior tactics from their intelligent governess.

Now they can wear like humans, they talk in a soft way and they don’t howl a lot as well. They also know how they should behave in a social gathering, though they latterly ruined the Lady Constance ball that day now they are much better kids than ever. Moving to London, Miss Lumley is excited to get more opportunities to make the kids better citizens in a human-like environment but the kids have their own set of expectations and challenges which they together confront and explore with Miss Penelope Lumley.

Katherine Kellgren has beautifully narrated the story to keep the interest of the listeners while up on the story as the kids and their governess is now exploring the options in London. Now Alexander, Beowulf, and the naughty Cassiopeia are good kids but some things are still affecting them to behave a little bit different from what they have been taught so far. They will also explore their past together with Miss Lumley.

The story keeps you engaged much more like in The Hidden Gallery and The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book I: The Mysterious Howling.


List book in the series

  1. The Mysterious Howling: Book I Audiobook
  2. The Hidden Gallery: Book II Audiobook
  3. The Unseen Guest (updating)

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