The High 5 Habit

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The High 5 Habits is the story of relationships, parenting, and personal development. The author of this fabulous book is Mel Robbins. Melane Robbins belongs to America. She is a wonderful lawyer, good TV host, wonderful author, and superb motivational speaker. She covered the trial of George Zimmerman. Her famous TV shows are Monster In-Laws and The Mel Robbins Show. Her books are Take Control Of Your Life, The 5 Second Rules, Stop Saying You Are Fine, and Work It Out. If you want to listen to his more novels then do refer to her Take Control of Your Life and Stop Saying You’re Fine. These two books are getting five-star ratings from listeners.

Mel Robbins narrated this fantasy novel. Her voice is clear and comfortable. She is a versatile narrator. She does an excellent job in this audible. She deserves wonderful remarks.

A good author and a great motivational speaker who changed the lives of millions of speakers. Her book is translated into thirty-six languages. She belongs to England.  They researched the topic and described it very well. She describes all the aspects of relations and personal development. I have to listen to this amazing audiobook. I learn many things from this audio. I have to listen to this audio twice. I recommend this book to those who want to learn about relations and personal developments. The length of the audio is six hours and fifty-seven minutes long. The author did a great job. Excellent work. You will enjoy this audio. She also narrates the story in good mood.

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