The High King of Montival

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Rudi Mackenzie faces the worst threats of his life in the start of this seventh chapter of “novels of the change” series -as this time the sword has changed him and he is no longer the high king of Montival.

S.M Stirling moves the story quite brilliantly and throughout the series we have not seen or felt the weakness in plot.  No lack of continuity between the story though, each part has a separate identity of its own, as the story starts and begins in the same part. But still there are certain strong relations with the previous part that are a must for the listener to understand. It is because only then the listener would be able to enjoy the series fully and would be able to feel the passion and drama behind the progress.

Rudi is against the regions of the Prophets this time as they have overthrown him and have made a stronghold on his motherland. Rudi is forced to take the help of his enemy this time that he usually doesn’t do but he is so out of resources this time that he asks for help from the troops. Due to the fact, he was fighting only a few months ago strangely those troops also show their willingness to help him which means that they too don’t like the legions.

The secret of the sword is also not revealed at the start but the search goes on along with the progress of the tale and the secrets unfold one after the other quite brilliantly. The book reminds us of writer’s other masterpieces as well like Dies the Fire and The Protector’s War as these books are also written on the war themes and talk about heroes in distress.

Todd McLaren narrates in picture-perfect manner and surely garnishes the tale with the narration.

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