The Highwayman-Walt Longmire

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Mystery thrillers are really seen getting that much appreciation, which we have seen with the Walt Longmire novel series and now Craig Johnson has given the best. The entire series with all its novels is very tempting, and the fans can barely resist themselves to get their hands around the next novel in line.

Here is he Highwayman novel for you, which is the next one in line under the Walt Longmire series. George Guidall with his immensely powerful narrations has impressed fans once again.

Walt Longmire, the sheriff and his close friend Henry Standing Bear sets up on their latest adventure in The Highwayman. Just for the record and the excitement of all fans, you can also watch the popular Longmire drama on Netflix.

When Rosey Wayman, the highway patrolman of Wyoming is shifted from the most beautiful and striking Wind River canyon landscape, the she started receiving many of the ‘officer needs assistance’ phone calls. The subject area is the one, which the troopers have marked as a no-man’s land due to lack of radio communication.

But, still that wasn’t the only problem. The real issue was that those unexpected calls were coming from Bobby Womack, who is known as a legendary patrolman.

He met a painful death in the canyon some 50 years ago. This was shocking to learn and experience and story carries on with many more twists and turns.

Death Without Company and Dry Bones are chapters out of the Walt Longmire series and deserves a serious consideration by all the book lovers. Craig Johnson did everything in these novels, which his fans expect from him.

You will great storyline, strong characters and amazing suspenseful and thrilling situations in the recommended crime mystery thrillers.






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