The History of the Ancient World

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The History of the Ancient World is a nonfictional book. As expected, it is a book on history and written by Susan Wise Bauer. The narration of this book is excellently done by John Lee in a very stern and top quality tone.

This is the very first volume in a new series, which actually depict the stories of all people and then many of this significant historic events right from Middle East to Europe and also to the far off coast of China. The author has been honest and well informed about all the dynamics involved and gave due weightage to all the characteristics of all the countries involved.

The author Susan Wise Bauer is known for her well researched nonfictional books on many historic topics. If you want to get hold of some more quality books from the author on the subject matter, then do check out the audiobook versions of The History of the Renaissance World and The History of the Medieval World.

She also provided her audience with the vivid attention and the sweeping scope to the lives of the individuals, which gives flesh to the many assertions made about the history of mankind. The book is based on the “history from beneath” method, which encapsulates everything from tradition, literature, culture and even private letter and accounts. Moreover, it also involves stories that links leaders and kings with the lives of all those who have ever ruled in this world.

The result of all the above mentioned effort is a highly engaging tapestry of human behavior from which, we all could draw our own conclusions related with the direction of world events and rational behind. Thanks to the author for keeping it open and giving us that liberty.



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