The Horn of Moran

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The Horn of Moran: Adventurers Wanted, Book 2

The Horn of Moran continues with the same enthusiasm and great adventure, where it ended up in Slathbog’s Gold, the prequel of the subject novel. The Horn of Moran is the 2nd chapter in the Adventures Wanted novel series. The author of this novel is M. L. Forman, who is known for producing some highly grasping content for the younger audience. Some other books from the novel that are worth mentioning include The Axe of Sundering and Albrek’s Bomb.

The narration of this novel makes the entire experience quite refreshing for the audience. This is all due to the stern and top quality vocal performance by E. B. Stevens.

The story here starts with the state of the land of Alusia, which is right on the brink of war. This was due to 2 men, who both have claimed to the throne. Only the true king among those two could sound the Horn of Horan and at the same time also prove his nobility. But, the main thing here is that the Horn is lost for a good few years now. If it is not found then it could mean full destruction the nation. It wasn’t that much long ago when the young Alexander Taylor was set on his very 1st adventure. There he discovered that he was actually a wizard and then destroyed Slathdog, the fearsome evil dragon.

Now, this time, he is part of a band of adventurers, who have been summoned to finally retrieve the Horn of Moran. Their journey to the destined mysteries Tower of the Moon would actually place them through the enchanted forest and right into a fierce battle against the goblin army.

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    Slathbog’s Gold

    Albrek’s Tomb


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