The Hostile Hospital

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Tim Curry emerges as an expert in the narration of this series because he is the only one who has done the narration after the author Lemony Snicket himself. Tim knows the story better and he has a grip on the characters because he knows their personality perfectly. Sunny, Violet, and Klaus are like children to the narrator whom he has seen growing up and developing into strong individuals.

According to the need of the scenes and the personality of the characters, the narrator has improvised the voice quality and it is amusing to see that the adjustment is also done to perfection. Fighting against the villains and circumstances, the three orphans have come far in their life, so far the problems have not ended rather they have increased a lot. It was an entire mob that was chasing these three young kids in The Vile Village and they were quite stubborn to stand strong on their motives.

Heimlich Hospital is the next staying point for the kids and there is not a lot of hospitality in this hospital for them. Certain people are again on their tail and they want to get rid of them or at least throw them out of the hospital because the kids are looking into different stuff very deeply. They could have just run away from this new spot but there are friends who are in need of help so leaving them in a stressed condition is not a very good idea. Running, jumping, and facing tragedies have become a part of the daily routine now so helping other people out is not a hectic thing after all.

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