The House Girl

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The House Girls is a literary fiction novel written by Tara Conklin. Bahni Turpin is responsible for the narration, which was a task well done by the narrator with the stern and expressive voice.

The story is about two phenomenal and remarkable women who got separated by more than one whole century and lives of those women got surprisingly intertwined.

The story starts in the time of 2004. Lina Sparrow is known as an energetic and a highly ambitious lawyer, who has her task cutout on a historic class action lawsuit, while looking for reparations for the American slaves descendants. 

The next part to describe is the period of 1852. Josephine is a 17 year old slave, who is bound to serve her mistress of a tobacco firm in Virginia. She is an ambitious artist known as Lu Anne Bell. 

It is through Oscar Sparrow, her father, from whom Lina Sparrow discovered a controversy rocking the entire world of arts. Many of the historians of art now doubt that the Lu Anne Bell’s revered paintings were actually the product or work of Josephine, her house slave. About Lu Anne Bell, she was a colonial artist, who was widely known for her excellent humanizing portraits of the house slaves, who were workers in the tobacco farm of Virginia. 

Any Josephine’s descendant would actually be the ideal face for the lawsuit, if Lina Sparrow is able to find one. But, there is absolutely no trace about the fate of Josephine following the death of Lu Anne Bell in 1852. 

If you are looking for more novels by Tara Conklin then you should check out The Last Romantics, which is a good fictional novel.

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