The House of Hades

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New addition in Rick Riordan’s work is the narrator this time; Nick Chamian is on the narration now and the selection is correct according to many perspectives. From the name we know that the Half-Blood are trying to enter the house of the devil now, moving to the underworld was never a good idea.

If you are the guests of Hades it means that the chances of making out alive a very rare. Percy Jackson and daughter of Athena, Annabeth met in The Mark of Athena the meeting was given amazing heights to show their association with each other. Especially Annabeth spends a lot of time in isolation thinking about Percy that whether he had changed because of the Roman influence or not.

Now together the two move on a quest out of which they might not come out alive, underworld is the devil’s playground that lets no one escape from the strangle hold. They enter in Tartarus, a labyrinth that will take one entering deeper to the gates of hell. Failure is not an option for them and thinking of an escape is not an option left for them when they set foot in the Tartarus. Hazel and the team want to save the friends but this might cause them losing the entire world present around for which their friends are sacrificing.

Chances of survival are vanishing from all sides for everyone around and the time has come for anyone of them to give the ultimate sacrifice without any fear of death in the heart. The time has come for everyone to lose rather than to get something out of life.







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