The House of the Spirits

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The House of the Spirits: A Novel

The House of the Spirits is a historical fiction novel. Isabel Allende is the author of this novel who has been a splendid novelists within her fictional domain. A Long Petal of the Sea is a top notch novel written by Isabel Allende. This is definitely one of her finest novels which was both commercially successful and critically acclaimed as well.

The narration of The House of the Spirits is a tag team affair. It is done masterfully by the duo of Thom Rivera and Marisol Ramirez. The novel is the unforgettable debut one from the author. It established Isabel Allende as of the most gifted writers of the world along with great storytelling abilities.

The novel brings to you the tragedies and triumphs of 3 distinct generations of Trueba family. The Esteban is a very proud man whose pursuit of political power is influenced by his immense love for Clara, her wife. She was a lady with mystical connection right into the mysterious spirit world. Blanca, their daughter embarks over a prohibited love affair in the disobedience of her pitiless father.

So, the result of all this a surprising gif to Esteban. She is her loving granddaughter named Alba. She was a strong-willed and a beautiful child, who would go on to lead her entire family and the entire country into an immensely revolutionary future.

The House of Spirits is arguably one of the most critical novels of the 20th century. It is a highly enthralling tale, which spans into many lives and decades. This in short is a beautiful and a universal tale of magic, love and fate. You must not miss this one in audio form.

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