The Human Division

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Reality is brought to light in a big way and finally things seem to go out of hand. The people of the Earth now know about the danger that surrounds them and the threats that will soon approach their door steps. The Colonial Union has been lying to everyone about what they had discovered around the mother earth. The Colonial Union has kept the mother earth hidden from the enemy and at the same time the enemies were kept hidden from the people of the earth.

The Union used to recruit retired and experienced people from the earth and then they were taken to outer space on unknown missions. We have seen all this in Old Man’s War and The Last Colony when Perry and his wife Sagan were taken twice to space but true stories about them were never fully told to everyone.

As things go out of hand the Union finally asks the help from the people of earth and they are left with two solutions of the problem. One is the way they have adopted so far i.e fight till the end of the fight and they could also think of plan B this time.


Plan B is more appropriate choice this time as the enemy is too big to handle. People like Harry Wilson are also scene on the screens that are skilled in making deals. It is good to see that John Scalzi moving well with the story keeping the appealing nature of the series alive as we hear the glamorous and awesome voice of William Dufris once again in this part after a long time.

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