The Hundredth Queen

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The Hundredth Queen is a novel written by Emily R. King. This novel marks the start of a nice upcoming series with the title same as the subject novel, The Hundredth Queen. It is a science fiction fantasy, which will give you the optimum fantasy novel dose, which you can expect from any quality writer. In order to know what Emily R. King is capable of and what he has done so far in the field of writing, then do checkout the audiobook versions of Before the Broken Star and Into the Hourglass.

The 18 year old Kalinda is ordained for nothing more than having a life of prayer and seclusion, especially as part of the orphan ward of the Sisterhood in the Tarachand Empire. Kalinda was totally inundated by fevers and it looked highly unlikely for her to be a candidate even for an opening of a servant.  So, there were far off chances for her to consider a role of a courtesan or for a wife for that matter. Her big dream now only is to live in peace in the mountain temple for Sisterhood.

On the other end, Kalinda’s life was totally disturbed with the visit from Rajah Tarek. Within a matter of hours, she got ripped right from the comfort of her home and got set on a desert trek and asked to fight for her spot among the 90 wives of Rajah Tarek and numerous other courtesans as well.

The narration of The Hundredth Queen novel is done by an experienced narrator, Lauren Ezzo and it turned out to be a successful and joyful experience for the listeners of this novel as well.

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