The Ibarra Sanction

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As the second book in the Terran Armor Corps series, The Ibarra Sanction is a follow up on the first book in the series. After Ibarra’s defeated the enemies and saved humanity from complete annihilation, They became traitors and fugitives hunted y Terran Union’s fiercest warriors.

The Ibarra family had to flee with the stolen armada. They seek refuge and scour the galaxy in search of the ancient alien galaxy, killing anyone who tries to stop them. As the sequel to the Terran Armor Cops, this book maintains the drama and action we’ve come to know in Richard Fox’s book like Through the Nether  and Ferrum Corde

One aspect you will enjoy about this Ember war series is the different alien civilizations and galactic politics as different fractions put their wits against each other.

The struggle for power, control, and supremacy is real, while others are just on a vengeful mission. Humanity is threatened and they have to make a strong plan if they need to survive the looming war ahead.

Luke Daniels has always excelled in any narration job he has done. This book is no different. He has made the characters likable because of the way he represented them with proper diction. The voice and tone of each character are exactly what anyone would expect, based on their roles.

The story has, no doubt, been properly written. Richard Fox does not disappoint with his excellent storytelling ability. Everything seems to flow properly with each chapter having an intense activity level than the previous until the end of the book.

However, the shortness of the plot makes it lacking in some major areas. It’s not a voluminous read, but the way the author captured the suspense in the book makes it a very interesting read.

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