The In Between

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The In Between is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is written by Michael Landweber in an awe-inspiring manner. He has been the writer of many successful novels where The Other Daughter and The Lies That Bind novels are at the top of the list.

Brittany Pressley and Mark Boyett paired up in this audiobook for its narration. There was no issue as such with the vocal performance but both the narrators were playing the same character and the performance was overlapping. So, why two narrators were taken in the first place if there is no bifurcation between the characters being played.

The novel tells a futuristic story set in the year 2047. It is a time when teleportation is the technology-enriched method of transportation. It was the TSI r the Teleportation Services International who operates the facilities in all key cities. When a TSI employee, Lillian wins a family vacation then she knew it is nothing but a photo op for the technology giant. However, she takes the given opportunity and took a flight to Tokyo along with Jackson, her husband and their 6-year old son, Cole as well. Tragedy strikes before they could have arrived at their destination. It was Cole who lost his life while in transit. It was a tough time for both the parents and they had different ways of coping through the tragedy.

The In Between novel delves quite in depth into the psychology of its characters and provided some great details from the surroundings. All this provided readers with an immersive literary experience. Sometimes the flawed characters appears to be more interesting, which looked intentional here by the author and worked big time for his audience.

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