The Infinite Sea

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The war of the humans to regain their humanity continues in this mind blowing series created by Rick Yancey. Human beings for years have thought about them as the most advanced specie in the galaxy and they were right too until the “Others” showed up. Though the specie that wanted to take over the earth was never the warrior sort but it appears that their study about humans was complete.

They wanted earth which was their first big goal before settling in the solar system and for this they didn’t launch a war. They just made the humans savage and destroyed the bond that was present between them and made them a society. They were running solo in The 5th Wave and then the relation between Cassie and Evan Walker was just a representation that the humanity was there. How much the humans can bear is another question that “Others” cannot find an answer too, they have survived the first four waves, not all of them of course.

But the zealous still remain confronting the fifth wave and trying to get out of its fangs. Cassie along with Ben and Ringer move on showing among them the feelings that don’t mean anything in such a disastrous situation. Hope that the trilogy The Last Star will provide the series the kind of ending it deserves. Change in the narration, Phoebe Strole joins voice with Ben Yannette and this team proves equally superb. The two know how to stop their voice from mixing into each other’s and thus it is a clear voice in every scene and at each dialogue throughout the story.



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    The 5th Wave

    The Last Star


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