The Inside Story

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After resolving many things or we can say everything the Sisters are back together with the family but not all of it. They have to save their little brother too but for this change in destiny is required.

Changing the destiny is not easy but it is not impossible which means the Daphne and Sabrina are on to it. It is the Book of Everafter that holds the key to all of their troubles; through the book the fairy tale creatures can change their fate. There is only one hindrance in the way of all who enter the zone i.e the guardian of the book.

The guardian keeps an eye on everything and then he has assistants that revise everything and keep the destiny of all the creatures in order. One who gets caught changing the book makes his destiny grim because then the guardian writes his destiny in a new way.

The Sisters Grimm finds them with no way out from the book and the only solution is the change in their fate.  New ideas injected in the story that approximately ended at The Everafter War and most of the regular listeners never saw all of this coming.

By the looks of it Michael Buckley is trying to give the series a new direction. There was energy in the story but several details were lacking and it was not connected to the previous material which looked disturbing but after two to three pages the feeling was gone.

The loyal narrator L.J. Ganser has kept the pace in narration but the story is not in the same pace that was enjoyed in The Problem Child. In the first four to five parts the fairy tale creatures were of quite familiar type for the kids but now creatures like the “Reviewers” were never part of the old fairy tales so book loses a bit a fan following in that regard the rest is fine still.





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    The Everafter War

    The Council of Mirrors


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