The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

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V.E. Schwab begins the story of a girl who wanted to live forever. The girl was so desperate about her wish that she was ready to sacrifice anything for it. No matter what she has to do she was ready to do it without a second thought in her mind. Addie Larue was the name of the girl and her wish brought upon her a curse which she readily accepted without taking a second.

Along with eternal life, she was also given another dark thing i.e no one will ever remember her after the meeting. It means that she would be like an invisible girl for the public. No matter how many friends she makes or how many relations she establishes, all of it would be forgotten in the end.

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Her wandering around the world in different centuries gives her wisdom and the recreation she always wanted but the curse started to leave its mark on her. Addie wants that at least someone remembers her in his heart but it cannot happen because she is cursed for a lifetime.

Three centuries have passed and all she has is the memories of other people in her mind. Suddenly one day when she was in a book store someone calls her by her name and he tells her that he remembers her. This incident makes Addie dizzy because she was not invisible anymore. Julia Whelan narrates not in a spooky voice rather the narrator has tried to give a lively voice in most of the part to show that Addie was enjoying her life in the first half. Member Benefit

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