The Kill Switch

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Tucker Wayne along with his dog has a mission or two to perform before going back to the place where they belong. The missions first appear to be simple and less dangerous but as the novel goes on the mission really test the nerves of Tucker and his dog the only living being he is left with as a companion. The dog is portrayed as a character in the novel, it is not just the faithful friend of man it is something more, a lot more to be precise.

Tucker discussed matters with it and it even shows responses and on rare occasions uses a sense of its won to save the life of the master and for the fulfillment of the mission. The novel starts with the simple mission of getting Abram Bukolov out of Russia as the man is needed for their further missions but as Tucker and his dog start the mission things go a little out of hand. They find assassins on their tale and they are not ordinary ones, they are the best there is in the world.

The loyalty and faith of both man and dog is tested to a different extreme this time, they work like one unit in order to save the world by getting to the key to the ancient peril before their enemies.

James Rollins and Grant Blackwood have painted a really emotional thriller better than Tracker the sensation never ends and along with it is the thrill that give you the much needed energy on the weekend. Scott Aiello narrates with a little less energy and perhaps a better use of the vocal cords could have made the presentation much better.






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