The Killing House

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The killing house is surely a killer series when it comes to the thrilling circumstances, and characters that go through the most suspicious life events in this whole story. The story has been written very intricately and interestingly the author named Claire McGowan. The author has given life to the characters in this story in a very unique and mind capturing way so that the listeners of the story would never leave it in the middle until they reach its end.

In addition to the beautiful composition of the novel, the magic of voice and perfect sound has been added by the narrator Joanne King who has perfectly given the voice tones that suit the characters as well as their feelings and the way they present their emotions in the story.

The story is all about a forensic case reopened and followed by Paula Maguire who is returning to the place to figure out what happened and the mystery behind the killing of a person which has been hidden so far.

The killing of the two people which has been revealed so far includes a man and a girl where the man went missing in the past and the girl is still unknown and their mystery is still asking for an investigation to find out what has caused their disappearance and the death.

Paula will be confronting many things more rather than only the two bodies from the past and the mystery continues as there is another kidnapped girl who recently disappeared on the same farm area.

No Paula will get into the case and will try to uncover the truth behind all these killings no matter how far she will have to dig into the case.

For the novel lovers who have listened and liked the story, have also liked The Devil’s Labyrinth – John Saul and Fletch series (reseeded) – Gregory Mcdonald for more interesting stories to find out.


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