The King’s Coat

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The king’s coat is a Historical novel describing the 1700’s era where the main character Alan Lewrie is the center of attention. Alan is a rebellious boy who wants to be free and may not follow rules that may hinder his way towards what he needs.

The author Dewey Lambdin has developed this beautiful series Alan Lewrie, in which this book is the Book 1 and determines the start of the series and upcoming novel connected to this story and the characters. Other books in the series also are worth listening to and you may enjoy Much Ado About Lewrie and The Gun Ketch as well after this first book in this series.

The story revolves around Alan who is the main focus and whose life will be taking your imagination to the newest adventures.

The father believes in discipline and wants to turn his boy to the strict track he thinks is the best. The story turns when Lewrie starts a new journey as a fresh midshipman but travel to America where the war has done a lot.

The unexpected would be happening and all the characters and the overall plot is around the surprising abilities the Lewrie will explore.

Lewrie will be finding out his talents and the abilities he will explore when doing what he never did. He will find his true talents as a sailor and more things to come while on his way to his destinations.

The narrator John Lee has perfectly covered all the emotions, surprising tones and the impact of all feelings that you can observe when listening to the story. You will be indulged in the story and will keep on knowing the characters and the events like if you are there with them.

The storyline along with the perfect narration and unexpected happenings will keep you thrilled to listen to the story till its end.




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