The Kiss Quotient

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The mathematician who thought she had everything calculated finally comes to know that love has no boundaries and calculating it is impossible. Helen Hoang draws the character of a girl who is all into mathematics and she sees life with an eye of a mathematician. Stella Lane thinks that she can calculate everything because she knows mathematics; she has made great progress in the field of estimating customer purchase because of her talent.

Although she has risen in her field but there still remains a field in which she is a big zero and knows not even the basis of it. Stella knows that all she needs is a little practice and then she would be able to make herself skilled in it. Ironically French kissing is not related to mathematics and calculations rather the thing is associated with emotions that she has long buried under her work. But she needs a spark and for that purpose she hires Michael Phan.

Michael first thinks of it as a strange thing but then he could not say no after all becoming a French kiss guru is not a bad job. As the two go on with the experiment Stella comes to know that kiss is not the only thing she is learning and perhaps it is not learning rather it is a feel that she develops.

Credit goes to Carly Robins here; the narrator has described the emotional scenes very well. The Bride Test could be a good book to add in the collection along with this tale, the books have raw emotions and the feelings can make the listener go wild for a few moments.

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