The Knights of Erador

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Sixth part of the series showed how the humans dominated and the orcs were defeated all of a sudden. It was a time of triumph and all the humans celebrated for a very long time. None of them was able to sniff out the danger initially and then the few rose to penetrate deep into the enemy lines and investigate what the enemy was up to.

Author Philip C. Quaintrell has kept a nice continuation in the series and every part has strong strings attached to the previous episode. Steven Brand narrated Age of the King and Last of the Dragorn too and this has bonded him strongly with the series. The narrator has the perfect style to finish the tale in a way which is well suited to the series. The heroes defeated the Orcs and it has been fifteen years since the enemy was forced to leave the human domain.

The new king who rose to the seat fifteen years ago has tackled the things well in these years and now he thinks he can hear the rise of the rebellion forces. The rebels are rising and they have been planning to perfection during these years. Moreover there are refugees who are coming to the doorstep of the kingdom.

Forces of man are strong but the enemy seems to be stronger and the tables might be turned because the human race is in need of new and strong heroes now. Danger of war and threats of betrayal are looming in the air, the new king never thought that ruling would become so difficult for him. If he loses now then everything for which he has worked for will end up in smoke.

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    Age of the King

    Last of the Dragorn


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